So these 2 days I am going to throw 2 finals together for the last 2 days of school.. just want it to be OVER!
So top 2 students( Dont know who you are click here
And ya thats about it. The finals are random questions, facts ,true or false. Coloring and more.
So just want to thank the ones that have stuck by this contest.. for a very long time.. and the 2 winners will get free sponser ship.. or a RT DVD? or something..
Please enter all answers and such in this journal for final 1.
So with you further ado..
here are Finals 1.

Coloring contest.
I You can color her in, inhance her the way you want..change eyes, hair.. what ever you like.. except keep the general stance and dress.. but be creative.. and have fun.
example by me:
Yes one i drew like 2 years ago.. and the color one I just did today but still keeped general idea.
Now your turn.
Worth point from 5 to 30 for creativity originality and style.

True or False? Completed by Armyman +10p
*Mercury It is the closest planet to the sun.T/F
*Jupiter is the 2nd largest planet in the solar system T/F
*Calico cats are almost always female.T/F
*Cats spend 50% of their waking hours grooming themselves.T/F
*The human body is comprised of 90% water.T/F
*It's not impossible to sneeze with your eyes open T/F\
*Canada is home of many great inventions including the zipper. T/F
*The Capital of Canada is Vancouver.T/F
* The 2010 Winter Olympics is being held in Beautiful BC Vancouver..T/F
* Which I am not attending it at all..T/F----- Ya this was not really an question.. but actually not attending :(

10 points for getting them all correct . First person only.

Halo Word Search...- Completed by Armyman +15 p
Worth 10 points for the first student to finish it correctly...
an extra 5 points will be added if its done in the color pink. hehe.
P.S I did this in a rush so if there are any spelling mistakes..sorry..forgive me.. even teachers makes mistakes to.. and there is only 1 Lopez..... sigh sorry missed that mistake there..

Tomorrow I will post Finals 2. And than Sunday I will announce the 2 top students who will win the prizes.
And thank you again for all my watchers and friends :)