Final 2
Well great job on the little response there.. I see alot of my students are still asleep except 2...Armyman.and eagleman .Thanks
But thanks for sticking by for the surprise final... hopefully this one will gain a bit more notice and have more response.So far its a race between Armyman and Eagleman. But you never know you could catch up to them if you really really wanted to. The coloring Final is still open for one more day. So that can also bring up the points for you depending how creative you are.
So again without further ado.. Final 2 the Last one.

Short Story
The story must have the words; Shadow, Flying and Pillow in it. It has to be between 50 to 500 words and can be about anything you want.Let it be creative, funny, weird, interesting, unusal, inspiring, sad, happy, what ever you feel like.
Of course most creative wins. Or the one that interest me the most.
And is due by the end of today.So get writing.
10-20points depending on creativity.

Photo Caption:
Below are 2 photos. Make a caption for either one or both. 5 points for every caption. One caption per picture per person. So really your first post is the only post that will count for the point. So make it a good one. Ones that I find REALLY funny or good will get a bonus point of 5.

Word of the Day: Ending
Due:In one day.
Read rules Here

You know the deal. Try to spell out the most you can with the letters given below. The total number of points you gt is added
to your end total amount. First comes first serves. You wont get points if the person above you already posted the word you did.
And thats all I got. Really its done. This and the color contest is the last chance to rack in those points. So get going. These are not very hard or brain hoping for more activity.Shall see I guess.
Good luck. And thank you for sticking by after class for very long lessons.Haha.