So today is the day my xbox is being returned to me from Microsoft. It had to have surgery, it came down with a case of the red ring plague. It has been frustrating having to try & find time to use my roommates xbox since he is usually glued to it & Modern Warfare.

So hurray!

On another note I have decided I am going to build my own Mark IV Spartan armor. smiley0.gif

I have watched many videos on youtube on how to make your own armor & what works best. I am excited to give it a shot, supposedly the materials cost about $100, which I would gladly pay to have my own Master Chief suit of armor.

My buddy want to build a set also, I think he's going to go for the ODST armor instead though. if ti works out well enough then we're going to attempt to make storm trooper armor for him since that's all he talks about.

<.../End Transmission;.._\....>