It was a close one. But I have my top 2 students in Cutey Kitty's School.


Thank you all who signed up.It has been a wonderful year and a bit with you.
You are all A+ students(except those who didnt try.. you know who you are)
I had alot of fun teaching , and hope you had some fun learning( not really)
So Armyman.. feel free to shop around the store.. your limit is $25.
And Eagleman you to.. and your limit is $20. (not uncluding tax for both of you)
When you have found the item(s) you want please send me a message.. with your mailing address and such. So i can send it right away.
And of course when you get your prizes feel free to take a photo(please) and post it here so we all can see.
And congrates both of you.

Everyone else who was in here.. if you want your report card I can make one up for you to, Just post a request here.

Thanks for your time .. from Cutey Kitty.. Teacher at CKS