Great past two days. Friday, I went to a friends house for the night so in the morning I could go straight to the ADT comp, that was fun. Saw what is too be expected, great learning experience, did a crap load of running because I was sort of a messenger for the team sense I was not in the comp this time, only started like 3 weeks ago. The school we went to was huge. Trying to find our Chief all over several times, so I got about 4 hours running, still in great running shape, good to know. So in the process, I became good friends with Chief, the ADT Officer (senior) and several others. Learned how to throw the gun decent height up, and catch it with a great landing, learned the new X-ray, the exhibition demonstration, with some minor nicks on my hands and huge bruises on my feet because I have to slam the 11 pound 1903 guess where that leads...Came back, got to really know my friends parents and one of them loves Top Gear as much as I do, so fun there, saw my car, they liked it, I think i gave a good impression. Then I went to my neighbors house, the Navy Commander, and talked about music (he has a SUPER garage band that does a lot of stuff in the state), then they told me to stay, had the best Cappuccino ever, Italian coffee, with Italian Cappuccino makers, good size, 1-2 cups per. They lived in Italy for a while. Cooked with his wife and daughter (the one who I planed to ask out on the ROTC Ball after school, obviously did not turn out), but then talked with the mother and said she most likely could do it, and will ask her later, so, I might have a date to the dance after all. I really hope so, I really like her, nice funny, great personality, it really would be nice. Got to know the parents a lot better, great people, they really like me. Over all, possibly the best 2 days ever here. Will never forget.
That is what I do, four short vids, go to more of my videos to see the rest.