I'm gonna keep my review short: HOOOOOOLY FUCK. smiley3.gif

My favorite new party member has to be Legion, the geth seen in the the ME2 teaser trailer.

The first twist about the Collectors being re-engineered Protheans was jokingly called by my roommates (and I did not begrudge them for it) . The second twist with the Collectors building a human Reaper? My mouth was hanging open for at least 30 secs if not longer. And finally at the end of the credits where Harbinger is leading the Reaper fleet towards the Milky Way? My mouth was wide open again. HOLY SHIT ME3 is going to be so hardcore.

I ended up romancing Tali and by finally grasping the concept of cover survived the suicide mission.

And yes I've been playing my Xbox all week but it's the first week of school so if there's anytime I can actually get away with it and still come out okay, it's now. Starting Monday the weekday freeze begins for realz. If you see me in Matchmaking on a weekday, it's probably my roommates using my gamertag (since only two of our blocking group have current LIVE subscriptions).

Send them an invite and they'll just pester me with "is that another one of your internet buddies?"