...and I have no idea.

Tennis is brutal right now. Ranked 9 on the ladder, with all juniors except one freshmen (my friend who's just a bit better) ahead of me. Gonna be interesting trying to push to 6th. anyways, the conditioning is what I'm talking about. I come home exhausted each night. Like, I was in okay shape, and then I started this up. Then I realized just how bad of shape I'm actually in (comparably).

Anyways. Academics are annoying right now. Plenty of work, only this time it's all at school. I swear I failed my math test today, as my mind just wasn't in the right place to take a test.
Speaking of which, I typed 'taste' when I wanted to say 'test'. My typing fails as of recently.

Oh, RvB, how you wax and wane in how exciting you are.