Last night I went to see Utada Hikaru in concert at the Paradise Rock Club. No pictures per artist request (apparently EMI owns all her image rights); I was near the bar area and too close to staff to try and sneak a (good) shot.

I learned several things last night:
1) I am not the only young, black male who enjoys J-pop music. A dude named Shawn flew from freaking Cleveland to see the concert and I saw at least two, three others besides him.
2) Someone had a "From Texas with Love" sign. It was either a student in residence or someone with $400 to burn on a round trip weekend ticket.
3) J-pop is also an acceptable hobby for Harvard psychiatry faculty.
4) Exodus may not be as shitty an album as I originally thought. Listening to some of the songs live has given me reason to give the album a second listen.
5) My tenor vocal range does not retain pitch during sustained, strong high-range singing. This bodes ill for Muse next month. Must work on my falsetto.

Here's the set list for all two of you who might be familiar with her music (in no particular order):
Simple and Clean
Come Back to Me
Me Muero
Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence - FYI
Apple and Cinnamon
This One (Crying Like a Child)
Dirty Desire
On and On
First Love
Can You Keep a Secret?
Boku wa Kuma
Stay Gold
Two unknown songs from Exodus (an album I'm not partial to)
You Make Me Want to Be Man
Unknown rock song (really badass)