Yeah, still not dead, just laid off a-fucking-gain. Oh, yeah, it happened at the end of July, but for some reason, I'm really fucking bitter about it today. Nice severance package and stock sale means I still don't have to find a job yet, which is a damn good thing because I don't want to go to work for $10 an hour just yet.

We got a new dog January a year ago. Her original name was Sheltsie, but we named her Keller because she's fairly deaf. Not as deaf as we thought (she was ignoring us the first three months we had her). She's going to be 16 this year. We couldn't resist - she looked so sad on that we had to go rescue her. Who the hell takes their 14 year old dog to the pound right at Christmas? WTF, over?

Keller (in front), Tippy and Eric at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon - One good thing about getting laid off with money was the road trip we took. Made it to every state west of the Mississippi that we hadn't been to before!


The husband is working for a PD again, albeit a small one. He's gone from a tiny, tiny department, to a larger, but still small department in the last two years. I'm proud of him!

So yeah, I am a bitter, bitter person today. I'll probably be better tomorrow. I might even have some actual time to participate here again. Wow, imagine that!

(I am playing Mass Effect 2 mostly, some Star Trek Online (when Eric's playing ME2), and Dragon Age when I'm not playing Mass Effect 2.)