I want to make a new thread but I'd thought I'd ask other people to see if it was a good idea first. Here's what it would be about.

Got problems? School problems? Work problems? Health problems? Or maybe just the ultimate quandary of ponderies: the question of your own existence. Although I don't think you'll get much religious or spiritual guidance on what would generally be called a gamer forum, this movie is an excellent starting point for all your philosophically impossible to answer questions!

But for those of you who have more simple and empirical woes and worries such as self-esteem issues, girl problems, guy problems, or, for even more fun, girl AND guy problems(!!!), I think this is where you might find someone who will be glad to chime in their two cents.

Speaking of sense, do you not have any but looove sticking your nose in other people's business anyway?! You DO?!?! And when you do, are your most likely underthought and unwarranted pieces of advice usually illreceived leading to bruised emotions, egos, relationships, and faces?!?!?! They ARE?!?!?! And when people actually do foolishly listen to your advice, aren't you sick of them blaming you for the outcome? You ARE?!!?!Well then this is the thread for you!!!1!!11!

No more black and blue advice blues for you at The Probably Bad Advice Thread!!! You can irresponsibly handle even the most serious concerns of a person's personal matters! And the best part is, when it backfires, there's absolutely no onus on you!!!! Well technically there is but thanks to the wonderfully dangerous anonymity of the interwebs, no one will ever be able to find you!!!

Anyway, on to the topic at hand. Example!!:


Dear internet,

I have a friend who has a stuttering problem. We've practically been brothers since kindergarten but he only developed this disorder in the last few years. Ever since, I've been finding it really hard to make new friends and especially keep girlfriends, because people get so distracted by the fact that it takes him literally a minute to spit out a sentence that would take a normal person like ten seconds. His doctor doesn't know what's causing it, but he's been on this concentration medication that helps a little but it's really expensive and his family can't afford to keep buying it since it's really expensive and there's no guarantee that it'll ever fix the stutter permanently. I guess what I'm asking is what should I do? It's really messed with his confidence over the years and he's not even the same person anymore, but should I still be friends with him just out of loyalty? I mean, who else will he spend time with? - Jackson


Maybe you don't have to completely dump him as a friend but you could still try to meet other people to hang out with on the side, it's not like you guys are joined at the hip or anything, and I'd think he'd understand that you need to branch out a little bit too. If he can't understand that, I'm sure it's just because he's worried that you are going to start spending time only with your new friends, but just reassure him that it won't come to that and hopefully it'll all work out. - Jessica

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Disclaimer: I apologize to all readers with speech impediments.