Ok. So last night and this morning me and my GF were talking, about what if she put my hand on her boob, what would I do?
Well, my response, would make yall kill me. I said I would take it away. Because I rather not feell her up so quickly in the relationship. I do have some rules. Basically anything sexual meaning 2nd 3rd and home are off limits.....for now.
See she has no rules, except no sex. Which, can be good and bad for me. Good because I get to have fun with boobies and pootang, bad, because I am (trying to be) a pure man, until I marry. So......

I have a predicament. But, I've thought about it, and I can't say, "well, just forget my rules" cause that's just stupid. But I said, "wait till our relationship is better". So yeah. I will get to feell her up. Just not now. Which I like more, and it lets us explore our bodies, and our boundaries and what we like, and not so fast too.

=( I'm such a retard.