Well, here we are, three years to the day of the death of Private Steve Rogers, AKA Captain America. Three years since the news rocked the nation that Captain America had died. I don't think there's been a fictional character whose death cause more international news that Steve did.

His death caused the world to pause and think. About what he stood for; about what America stood for; about what America stands for now.

And now, three years later, he has returned. In an expertly crafted tale by Ed Brubaker (and, if you believe the rumours, stolen by Grant Morrison for his Batman story), Steve was sent hurling through time, reliving some of his greatest and darkest moments, to finally return to the present, in time to rescue Tony Stark, the Iron Man.

And it's only fitting that as Captain America helped unify the original Avengers and push Marvel into the Bronze Age of comics, that he would return just in time to help usher in Marvel's new era: The Heroic Age.

Marvel's transition story, Siege, brings together again the "Big Three:" Captain America, Iron Man, and Thor, as Norman Osborn and the American Government wage war on Asgard. This story promises to bring about some big changes in the structure of the Marvel Universe (deemed the "Heroic Age"), and though Steve has stated that he doesn't want to don the Red, White and Blue again, I'm sure Marvel has great plans for him.

Welcome back, Steve.