Yes. I have come back to this site after months of inactivity for the most part.

Things have changed massively in my life. Some of you still know me as the same elite from the clan Covenant Squad Omega or Sovereign Guard. I am no longer part of those groups. I did achieve all the ranks possible though! YAY! lol

My boyfriend and I have been doing really well. Our relationship is strong and it's awesome in the fact we go to the same school. I'll upload pics of us eventually. No they won't be sexual or anything "exciting" really. Your sanity will still exist. lol

My group of friends have changed quite a bit. Many still remember me since I left an impression on them. Some negative and some positive. I do miss them and realized it more and more lately. I am grateful for having the best guy in the world I could only hoped for and an amazing group of friends and some I have sent away. I managed to find some of them again. Some i will never talk to again since they forever think wrong of me.

As for games, only games I have are still these:

Halo 3, CoD: WaW, CoD: MW2, GH: World Tour, Rock Band II, and Spyro Dawn of the Dragon.

Parents refuse to let me buy games even with my own money. I am desperate to try and get money so a friend of mine can get Halo: Reach for me. Doom 4 however I am pretty sure I can convince my dad to get it for me.

Other than that, life has been good and I am no longer feeling so lonely. How have you all been? send me gamertags and I will definitely add you onto my new account. I also have MSN, Yahoo, and Skype so you guys can talk to me there to.

PS. I have gotten laid by my mate. lol. Random and unecessary info FTW.