Well I said I would try to make my way back here so I am. I have still not gotten around to checking my watchlist(that bitch is over a foot long) but I'll get around to it eventually. So, now for an update on what has happened to me the...year? 2 years? I've been gone.

-I aquired an Xbox 360 as you may have noticed from my gamertag down there.
-I came to beleive my childhood self was a complete dipshit who didn't know what he was talking abouthalf the time.
-I joined a Halo clan, the UNSCDF Anstice Brigade.
-I learned that Deviantart is evil. (It gave my computer a virus that nearly sent my whole computer straight to the darkest abyss of the Underworld.
-I began having socialphobia and argoraphobia(don't know if I spelled that right...).
-Still jobless, still single. (No surprise.)

And that about does it. A quick rundown of my past year(s). If you want any more detail you'll have to ask.


P.S. Oh yeah by the way BF:BC2 > MW2