I don't give a damn about St. Patty's Day. I can't even drink. Enough of this pinching shit.

Second, it's been awhile. As if that's a prerequisite to say now.

Third, it's late, I have homework, and the first day of the National Qualifier is tomorrow. I'll be going in Public Forum debate since my partner (a junior) is pairing up with another junior since they get seniority. Fuck seniority. It's fucked me over at two huge tournaments now and I'm sick and tired of being younger and therefore getting pushed out of things I think I could do well in.
I'll also be doing National Extemporaneous speaking, which I'm excited about. I love N.X.

Oh yeah, it was my birthday Saturday. 32 gb Zune HD and some Radiohead vinyl records. I'm considering hunting some stuff like that down and starting my own little record collection.

That's really it. That says nothing about my life. This site has become less a way for me to describe the multiple facets about my life and more a site for information on video games and the occasional conversation.