All That

5 years ago

Glitters is...not gold. All gold is not reality.

So yeah, District Championships. Made it to the fourth round for public forum. Got knoked out. happens. Made it to quarterfinals for national extemp. Placed 2nd in the quarterfinal but still didn't make it to Semis. RAGE.

We sent 6 people to Nationals. which is cool.

I don't know why I really bothered to write this up here. It means so little to all (3) of you.

The sky was really pretty saturday.

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  • schmeebasaur


    5 years ago

    In reply to Drebin, #1:

    and more people do track than debate. Percentage wise thats bad ass.

    also, how long have you been doing debate anyways, ive never been sure if you just started this year or it was like, "well its debate season again, says I, Mikeymasta, the seasoned debator." or like "oh man, Im a bright eyed bushy tailed Mikeymasta, now exposed to the wide world of debate!"

  • Drebin


    5 years ago

    Matters to me!

    Sending six people to nationals is a big deal.
    For track my high school sent about two people to nationals.