This week seems to be ending on a meh. I got my phone taken from me by a teacher and will never see it again. I also was called racist simply because I don't like any of the current 'rappers' on MTV. I like rap, not the shit on MTV, why is it called rap? That's a rant for another time though. There's a brightside to the week which makes it meh instead of total fucking bullshit, one of these bright sides is I got to not go to English because of my favorite (only) Detention/In-School teachers Mr.Moore. On my way to class he asked me if I could do a computer thing for him, I said yeah, then I went to English 20 minutes before the end of class (It's a two period class) without the English teacher batting an eye due to my pass from ISS. Besides that I also was given words of wisdom by an old woman who works at a computer lab, she pretty much just makes sure kids are doing what they're supposed to be doing and all that jazz. Anyway, she told me something I felt I needed to be told a long time ago, she told me I don't have to graduate the top of my class, do the minimum and get out as soon as you can. I'm going to take her advice, I'll probably graduate in the summer instead of June but at the same time I'll be a 2011 student just like everyone else. I also showed off the conky config I made at school and people thought it was cool. Anyway that's about all that's been going on in the real world I could think to type rought now, later!

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