I have recently begun to tamper with the Fallout 3 worldspaces and interior cells. i have figured out how to build cells form the ground up, how to connect them to other cells and worldspaces, and how to use the basic interface.

at this point, i'm taking suggestions on what kind of places i should be making, so if you'd like to see a new place built in Fallout 3, tell me and i'll do my best to create it. images of the progress i make working on the worldspace and cells will be posted.

- the objects available in Fallout 3 are rather limited, so don't expect a perfect reproduction.
- if i don't know what the hell you're talking about, i won't be able to make the cells look like you want them to.
- i still don't know how to quite a few things with the G.E.C.K., like changing textures and/or meshes, editing the lighting, scripting actions or cinematics, creating and spawning NPCs, etc.