Hi...Yeah I know it's been a while... I'm really Sorry...

Things Have been really frustrating...feel like I'm a yoyo...many mood swings, the pain in my back & legs has really gotten me down at times. Workers Compensation (they really ought to change the name to something more truthfull...like "Bend over & let us Stick it to Ya") has been sticking it to me...lol 0_o Haven't had any treatment ok'd in almost a year & haven't had any pain meds since last Yule...thank goodness for random glasses of Wine or SoCo, on those "I want to pull my Hair out cuz it hurts so bad" nights! 3 months ago I started going to an acupuncturist...there are days it helps & days that it doesn't...but at least my Hubby's insurance covers it, so no worries there...lol...I just cringe when it's time to become the pin cushion...those little pins do hurt when they go in & are "zinged" as my pinman says...still trying to get the hang of it!

I've been fighting a Bronchial Infection this past month & a half...which has prompted a hasty decision to quit smoking...just hope I can accomplish that feat without driving my Family insane or gaining anymore weight...I've already gone insane so i'm ok there...LOL! My Hubby said he is going to quit as well, But thinks he can have a Cigar once in a while...I DON'T THINK SO!!! It's gotta be All or nothing! Fair is Fair & considering how many things in this world that aren't fair, I'm gonna stand firm on that issue...No Smokes...Nada! LOL the only things we'll be putting a match to will be our bills, my incense, candles, the BBQ pit, camp fire & probably the shoebox we live in if we can't sell it! Get my Drift?!

Not sure if I said anything the last time I was on RT...but the other sadness that has kept me in a dank mental fog with No Gumption or the will to want to do anything at all...I haven't painted or had the urge to since last Yule, because of it, no motivation...is that I had to have my Beautiful Westie put down just before his 5th birthday...Dec. 4th...I found out that he had some sort of doggy cancer, that was eating him up from the inside out & that there was really nothing that could be done, cept empty my bank account, to save him. <_> it's really broken my heart...yes I have my Mattie ( a Cairn Terrier)who I love & is a sweet & beautiful dear, I just miss the little guy So Much!!! It just doesn't feel right with him gone...got used to tripping over & snuggling with 2 Furry, smelly breathed Babies! It's funny how much space in our hearts our pets occupy & how empty it feels when they're gone. I am Blessed to still have Mattie runnung around...lol...she's getting quite spoiled & is a very loving girl, she never leaves my side!
Soooo, as you can see it's been a mental & physical Roller Coaster lately & I'm trying really hard to pull myself out of this muck & get on with the job of living!

I will try to get on more often & check out how you're all doing! So...now that I've typed a mini Novel...I just want to Wish you all a Wicked, Wonderful,Peaceful, Loving & Joyful Weekend! ;D <3 <3 <3


The road is long & worth the potholes we step into from time to time...there is a light at the end! <3