Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, a new challenger approaches where another has fallen and other such imagery that conjures up something old coming to an end and something new happening in it's wake; this is my new project that has replaced Beards and Jackets!

What is 8(bit)Minutes? Simply put, it started off as a bit of a joke. During some spring cleaning that I was doing on my computer, by deleting files, pictures, videos and the like that I no longer needed, I came across a torrent I had previously downloaded which contained just about every NES game ever made; most of which I've never even played in my life.

That's when it hit me, "I should play some of these," I thought to myself. As I booted one up, and started to play it, I found myself commenting out loud to myself about certain aspects of the game as I played. In a way, my frustrated and sometimes hilarious mumblings to myself made me think about one of my favorite television shows of all time, "Mystery Science Theater 3000"; I was, in a sense, riffing on these games as I played them which is what gave me an idea.

What if I recorded myself playing these games, complete with commentary? I did so, creating three episodes over the course of two days that would act as a sort of "pilot" to test the waters and see if this was something that people would be interested in me doing. I planned, if there were enough interest, to keep doing it until I had played every NES game. Well, need less to say the response I got was quite a positive one so I thought to myself, "Hell, why not?"

Why 8(bit)Minutes? Well, Nintendo games are 8-bit games and I (try to) play each game for (roughly) eight minutes; see, the name is clever because it works both ways! If you're interesting in following along with the fun, as I try to release a new video every few days (or so), you can check out the Official Facebook Fan Page that I've created. I plan to create a Youtube channel soon as well, although I already fear the Youtube comments, plus I'm working on creating my own (free) website/blog to go along with it.

Things are about to get interesting.