Its been 7 months since my last one, I doubt anyone still watches me lol.

Here are some more up-to-date updates lol

My life has changed, I am as of 14th Feb (yes valentine's day) I am engaged to the most wonderful and beautiful person I have ever met.
My business is still going strong, it is picking up again after the completely shit winter we had here. I still love doing it and hope i can get it to a full time job.
I still havent passed my test but I do have my own car to practice with now, a bit sad thow as it a vauxhall astra auto lol.
Headaches and back pain still ongoing but I have learnt to live with them and on the most part dont get in my way anymore.

How is everyone doing, as I said i doubt anyone still watches me, but if there is anyone who sees this let me know how your egtting on.