The campfire was slowly dying, and in the embers Johnathan could see his men fast asleep. He was on watch, nobody picked him to but before they had entered the woods someone had warned them that there were rumors of assassins in the woods that targeted soldiers of the King. None of the men believed it but Johnathan had a sneaking suspiscion that it was true. The bushes next to him rustled, and he Johnathon stood up immediately, filled with fear. He walked towards the bush as a rabbit jumped out and took off. Johnathan sighed with relief, maybe it was all just rumors. He turned back to the camp and sat by the fire again. Only one other person in the patrol believed the rumors, and that was Maxwell. Johnathan decided to wake him up to keep watch. Johnathan needed sleep. He shook Maxwell but he didn't wake up, and he felt fairly cold for being so close to the fire. Johnathans hand felt something much warmer suddenly. it was Maxwell's blood.

There was a large blade wound in Maxwell's chest, he was obvioulsy dead. Johnathan shouted for the tohers to wake up but no one did. johnathan inspected the other men and found similar wounds on all of them. "Who's there!!" cried Johnathan. "No one, but the Shadows." Came a reply from the darkness. The voice sounded deep and haunting. Johanthan was about to lose it, he ran as fast as he could back towards the town, but the patrol was miles into the woods, he'd be lucky to make it more than 10 feet from the camp. That voice was so close.

Johnathan kept running, and running, his heart racing, his mind going insane. His body begged him to stop, but fear kept him fleeing. How long had he been running, hours? Minutes? Seconds? he didn't know. then, there was a figure in front of him and Johnathan stopped cold, his eyes wide with terror. The figure spoke, "You didn't think you could get away did you?" it was the same voice he had heard at the camp. Johnathan was dizzy with fear and adrenaline. The figure appeared to be well dresed, and was wearing a top hat./ How could such a cold-blooded and efficient killer wear something like that in the middle of the woods? The man was about 20 feet away from him, and then slowy started to move forward, towards Johnathan. Johnathan merely wet himself and began to cry for his mother. The man was suddenly in front of him. He screamed a blodd-curdling scream that could be heard from the town, and the scream suddenly died off into the night.