Somehow, I have harnessed the power to keep from slipping in and out of consciousness...

I didn't feel like driving today cause I was too tired (that usually happens on Monday mornings). So I took the trolley today and found a nice seat near the window. I put on some Disturbed, which I can strangely go to sleep with.

But today was different. Just before I fell asleep, I was able to keep myself from doing it, without shaking or jolting or moving. My mind told me to stay awake. And I went from the brink of sleep, back to consciousness.

And apparently, I also gained the power of ESP. Without looking or hearing anything, I was able to know where I was at any given moment. Just before I got kicked off (cause they do that for "budget cuts") I knew the stop was coming up, but I was at that point of sleep I mentioned earlier, and I could see the stop ahead of me, but I wasn't there yet.

Is my mind getting in a rhythm or did I really get some sort of powers? I don't know, but I do know this. The mind is a very powerful weapon, and if not used for the good of mankind, can bring upon it's own self-destruction. And no, that was all me, fuck fortune cookies.

In other news... I made it to round two of the "Stimulus Pack War Face" Tourney! I voted for Cobalt, Mitzli, and DrummerScout in the process. So can I ask a favor of you, can you vote for me in the next round? I've got to compete with a baby in tiger stripes!

Thanks all!

"In the wrong hands, the mind can be a weapon used to destroy anything."