I sent in my 360 about 2 weeks ago, and it's finally coming back on May 3. SWEET!!

What I thought was a bit weird though were two things. When I sent it out, it got to Mesquite (the repair center). Then it went backwards to Dallas (WTF?!) Then it went forward to Mesquite again, then it started getting fixed. So no real problems there, just a little weird.

The second thing was that after the repair, it went to Memphis, Tennessee. Wonder why it went there? Now it's out to Vernon, California, just a little north of LA. If I find out that Paco intercepted that package, I will genuinely KILL HIM.

And to top it all off, on the site, they say it will be back in 2-3 weeks. May 3 will be EXACTLY two weeks since it would have gone out. That may be why it went to Memphis so say they can say it came in the 2-3 week time frame.

It also went out weighing 8 pounds, now it's coming back at 12 pounds.... There better be like a stack of 1 months of year long subscriptions in there if it weighs four pounds more. Or some crack, or some pot so Paco and I can split it :D

Couldn't give me a little early Christmas gift huh Microsoft?