Yesterday, My computer cable charger thing finally went out. I think my cat started paying with it and bit into it, severing the wire. So my computer died. But before that, my computer randomly crashed, without warning, just *BLOOP* (black)

I also got started on my Tails drawing, I used the grid method to start just so I could get a feel for it. Next I'm going to do a bigger grid on a bigger piece of paper. Something like a 25.5/33 inch paper. If you know math then you'd know that that number is exactly 3 times the size of a normal piece of paper.

While I was drawing Tails, my cat decided to hack up a hair ball. I made a quick dash and grabbed a paper bowl, and caught the fur ball. Gross, but better than it landing half on my dresser and half on my guitar case. If that thing hit my case, I would have to burn it and get a new one.

As you can tell, I finished Tails. I personally think it's pretty good, I dumped about 5 hours into it, so anything that I put that much effort into, I'm usually pretty proud of. I looked a lot weirder without the outline pre-shading. You could make it out, but it looked really weird. The eyes were the hardest, cause they have that glistening from light that is always hard for me to draw. But I think I pulled it off.

I'm always up for constructive criticism as well. That doesn't mean "u suck cause u liek sonic teh hedghog". That means if you have any (constructive) ideas to help, then I might listen. Here's the link I got it from, I had to do some fancy resizing on my computer (thank you computer art class)