I had the day off work today (yippie!) and I will tomorrow as well (double yippie!!)

So I got to work on the 360 achievements I've been dying to take care of.

I got "Wall of Recognition" 30G in Halo Wars. I'm working on "Mr. Punctual" 15G "Adjudicate the Arbiter" 30G and "Detour the Great Journey" 50G.

But on to the good stuff. I finally beat Guitar Hero III on the Expert Career.. "Right Hand of God" 20G. I beat Cult of Personality, One, Raining Blood, Cliffs of Dover, Number of the Beast, and Devil Went Down to Georgia. Almost all in one try, Raining Blood gave me some trouble.

Tomorrow I'm going out to get Race Driver: GRID. I've had the demo and perfected it, now to get the full game.

Paco, I'm catching up, you'd better watch you're achievements, cause I'm going to match you up soon.

And I'm like Gavin, I try to get 80%+ achievements in every game. So Halo Wars, I'm almost done, GH3, almost done, and MW2, nearly done. I'm having a friend come over and do DMC4 on Saturday. Going to get 250 more gamerscore out of that.

"Gamerscore means nothing until you brag to your friends, THEN it actually means something"