Hopefully by next year, end of June, I will be graduating with my Associates and moving to.... PORTLAND, OREGON! WEEEEE I AM SO FUCKING EXCITED!!!! My dad ok'd me going to art school, PNCA to be exact. I am so ready to get out of this state... ugh.

I AM A SOPHOMORE! ... well technically XD. I completed a whole year of college finally! OwO It feels so awesome... and even better because I got my gradessss~ STRAIGHT A'S!!!! AHHHHHHHH!


I am so burned... otl it hurts bad. D: Always wear sunscreen kids... I went from super pale in that image to OMG TANNED in a day. Ffff. My chest is still red, but my back is finally browning, and my face and neck too...

Anybody play Aion on here? XD;

And because I am a tired person right now.... fff

I have some plans for this summer besides killing myself with 8 credit hour classes in a single month that is summer school all of June. Come August I am going to be making my way out to LA for a little R&R.... wait... what rest... I am going to be put to work as an intern for a week at Dreamworks. HOLLA. I am pretty stoked by this. This trip was originally going to happen with my mom in July... but since her passing, and dealing with school, I was invited out whenever I had free time. Sooo...

June- SCHOOL (Art History, World Literature, and Math)
July- WORK
August- DREAMWORKS and fuck knows what else.

I am also going to make a trip to Washington state to visit some dear DeviantART friends of mine :D My friend Jaymee, who also goes to PNCA and is the reason for my choice in art school (besides it being hella cheap), leaves in Spokane and has offered me a bed for.... however many days I want to stay XD. My other friend Emily wishes to see me too, who lives somewhere in the state.... I think an hour away from Spokane? God I don't remember.

On to the Fall semester.... I am seriously going to die with 16 credit hours of speech, biology, math, ceramics and intermediate design and color.... fuck my life.

Oddity of the Now: My fingers are dyslexic... shit.
<TrinityLimit>and of course the milk is giving my finger the stomach right now... ughhhhh