Wow its been awhile!!! So my vacation was amazing, I won 250 dollars in Vegas and proceeded to loose 200 of it but i stil came out ahead so that was good!!! Wedding was fun. I apparently spilt beer on the bride whoops!! The resort was awesome, had one of the firends brother and gf come after the first nite so it was less expensive for us!! The ship here is pretty good. I have a line array in the main lounge which i like but my boss came and "tuned" it so i thin it sounds like shit now!! I have to do a full inventory of the ship tomorrow, well it's only about half now but it still sucks!!

Not much else is going on in my life. Just working an making bucks!!1 47 days til i get off the ship for 2 weeks of vacation then back for 8 months, just means i spend less money. I have bout 2 grand saved for that 2 weeks and i don't think that that will be enough. I am going to Leinies when i go back!!! Yay for some of the freshest bee i will ever drink from the best brewery in the world!!!

That is all