I have been playing grifball since sml08. its been a long couple years and you know what i think its time for a change of style. i have been a hammer only tank for the entire time i have played the game. i have racked up massive K/D stats by what looking back seems to be poor and greedy strats. Never was i willing to go and be aggressive or to wait my turn to tank instead of running left or right far away from the carrier to get into the fray at a pointless location. i also rarely made it to the spawn. I got few stops per game and was over all a poor team player when it came to offense entirely i was slow and steady and wasnt a good lead in tank. the only plus to the way i played was when on the defensive i could make it last a long, long time.

Well after a 4 month break i have decided to mix it up.

I have also played on the extremes and everywhere in between when it comes to connection. im starting to believe that becides the bite of the end of the hammer. it feels very the same all around.