-“This is the housing facility for the Great Weapon. I am the keeper of the Great Weapon. You are the Great Destroyer. You will demolish this facility, kill me, steal the Great Weapon, and bring about the Great Doom for billions of people.â€Â

This theory explains how the Great Prophecy from the Blood Gulch Chronicles might be in the process of being fulfilled throughout Reconstruction, Recreation, and Revelation.

Based off the things Gamma said and the stuff Andy translated for Crunchbite (the Alien), here is essentially the description of the Great Prophecy:

The Great Destroyer will be a blue being who is also the stupidest life form in the universe. The Great Destroyer will also be a male Shisno. The Great Destroyer will come to claim the Great Weapon, kill Gamma, and destroy the facility that houses the Great Weapon. The Great Weapon also will be a key. The Great Destroyer will go on a Sacred Quest that takes it across the Great Burning Plains and the Great Freezing Plains. At the Great Burning Plains there is an armored Monster which must be vanquished by the Great Weapon. During the quest, there is something evil that tries to take the Great Weapon. This evil being is attracted to the Great Weapon and can’t live without it. The Great Freezing Plains is where the quest ends. At the end of the quest lies emancipation. The Great Destroyer will also bring upon the Great Doom for billions of people.

Over the course of the Recollections saga, certain events have resembled this very prophecy.

First of all, one can easily make the connection that the Great Destroyer may very well be Caboose since he is both blue and incredibly stupid. Gamma also said that the Great Destroyer would be a Shisno, which seems to be a term for human. In Reconstruction, Caboose carried out the first part of the prophecy. By assisting Wash, Caboose was involved with taking down Project Freelancer. Wash entrusted Caboose to transport the Epsilon Unit out of range of the EMP. When the EMP went off, several events of the prophecy were potentially fulfilled. The EMP destroyed all the technology at Command, which rendered the facility nonoperational. The EMP might have also (though not confirmed) destroyed Gamma. Caboose contributed to Wash's efforts, so these results could be traced by to Caboose as well. It should also be noted that Caboose was the first one to be contacted by Wash, so everything that followed originated from Caboose’s involvement. (It may seem a bit of a stretch to blame Caboose for Gamma’s death. However, in the Recreation Trailer, Church seems to find a way to blame the idiots inhabiting Valhalla for his most recent death, so perhaps they can also be blamed for the “deaths†of any of the other AI fragments. The argument can also be made that Caboose killing Church could alone satisfy the requirements of the prophecy since Gamma is a part of Church) Also and most importantly, Caboose escaped with the Epsilon Unit. It was believed in the Blood Gulch Chronicles that Tucker's sword was the Great Weapon, but that assertion may have been incorrect. It’s possible that the true Great Weapon is the Epsilon Unit, and if Caboose claimed the Epsilon Unit for himself after leaving Gamma and the facility he stole it from to be destroyed, then that only supports the argument that Caboose is the Great Destroyer.

In Recreation, Caboose travels to Sandtrap with Sarge and Grif. This place is essentially a hot desert with mines scattered all over that detonate in fiery explosions when triggered (burning plains, get it?). This place may very well be the Great Burning Plains from the prophecy. Not to mention, Donut’s discussion with the counselor suggests that Sandtrap is the Halo 3 version of the place that Andy claimed to be the Great Burning Plains back in the Blood Gulch Chronicles. It is here that Caboose transfers Epsilon to the monitor, allowing Epsilon to use powerful and unique abilities. At the dig site though, a particular ruthless villain known as CT causes trouble. CT may very well be the armored Monster from the prophecy that is supposed to inhabit the Great Burning Plains. The Great Weapon is supposed to be used to vanquish the armored Monster, so it's very interesting that Epsilon was the one that killed CT with its laser, fulfilling yet again another piece of the prophecy.

Also, Andy said that the prophecy speaks of something evil that tries to steal the Great Weapon. This evil thing is attracted to the Great Weapon and can't live without it. This might indeed be a reference to the Meta, who is a menacing antagonist in the series. The Meta had been hunting down the AI fragments since even before Reconstruction. However, the Meta’s collection of AI fragments appears to have been lost following the events in Reconstruction, so it seems the Meta has become even more desperate in tracking down AI fragments. In Revelation, the Meta is being assisted by Wash in hunting down Epsilon. The Meta needs Epsilon to run its enhancements and such. The prophecy states that the evil being that pursues the Great Weapon needs it to live. In the beginning of Revelation, Wash feared that the Meta's lack of AI fragments may have had a negative effect on the Meta's health. This is why he had Simmons call for a medic. Even though Wash had a biocom in Reconstruction, he might have wanted Doc to come just to have someone more professional evaluate the Meta’s health in case something serious escaped Wash’s detection. Even after Doc cleared the Meta’s physical health, perhaps Wash kept Doc as a hostage in order to monitor the Meta’s future health in case the Meta’s condition changed.

It would seem the Great Weapon is also supposed to be a key. Epsilon is the memories of Alpha, and as Delta always did say "Memory is the key" so that means Epsilon is the key in a way, just as the prophecy foretold.

/Continued in LFTO: The Prophecy in Recollections 2