/Continued from LFTO: The Prophecy in Recollections 1

All that remains are the events of Revelation. Will the events of this season mirror the last part of the prophecy? Caboose may potentially be the Great Destroyer, and Epsilon may potentially be the Great Weapon. At the end of Chapter 6 of Revelation, the two of them head off together to investigate a specific facility somewhere far away. Epsilon made a comment about hoping to reach it before nightfall, which may indicate that the location which they are heading to has a partly darkened sky. It should be noted that in Part Four of Recovery One, it was shown that Epsilon died when Wash and Epsilon were at a snowy area. Is it possibly that Epsilon is being drawn to a facility in a freezing cold environment? Does Epsilon have a special history and/or attraction with a facility in a snowy area? If Caboose and Epsilon are heading that way, will they pass through the Halo 3 version of the Great Swamp (Guardian)? Is the facility that they’re heading towards going to be the Halo 3 version of the Great Freezing Plains (Avalanche)? If they are heading that way, it supports the idea that the Great Prophecy is being carried out for real this time.

If the last part of the Great Prophecy is carried out in Revelation, it may also explain why the season is named “Revelationâ€Â. The Great Prophecy foretold an apocalyptic scenario in which the Great Destroyer brings about a Great Doom for billions of people. Therefore, if this season does carry out the last part of the Great Prophecy, it would make sense to name it “Revelation†since the name alludes to how the Book of Revelation in the Bible similarly prophesizes an apocalypse.

Crunchbite (the Alien) also said that the reward for the quest was emancipation. Even though he said it was emancipation for his species, that claim might have just been a misunderstanding. Perhaps the ones who really will be emancipated or "set free" might pertain to the Epsilon, the Alpha, Tex, or any of the other AI fragments still around.

(The Great Destroyer was also said to bring about the Great Doom for billions of people, so if the story of Recollections does follow the prophecy, then perhaps Epsilon is more dangerous than anticipated.)

-“The Great Destroyer has arrived. The end is near.â€Â