Hey All,
So I get to go on vacation in a month and a half. Definatly looking forward to it. I get 3 weeks off and get to ttravel to and through 4 or 5 states. Stop at my 2nd favorite Old Chicago in Kearney, NE!! Thats the half way point inbetween Green Bay and Pleasent View, where my rents live. WI for 2 weeks then back to Ut. A week in GB wih pez and Leah, have to visit my 2d parents, set up Illistrator on my old bosses new computer. I think thats about it. Go to heaven on earth aka Leinenkugel Brewery!! Then to visit my aunt and uncle in Racine possibily go to Great America!! Then to Mad Town to see the sister and go to a mallards game and Pot Bellies!! Then to a friend i havn't seen in almost 2 years!!! really looking forward to that!!! Then to another friends and the srtip club!!! and then back to the rents to go to roosters!!

Ship life is the same as always!! Drunk for a boss, lazer tag 7 days a week now which sucks ass!!! only a month and a half left!! Shows are good, gotta hit me with those lazer beams!! Thats from Far From Over it's an 80's show!! And thank you god no more Tia Thompson!!! She is like a continuios punch to the nuts!!! Too bad no more Zunigas though World famous Jugglers. I think we have Victor once more which is cool. I'll try and post pics of the ship!!
That is all