Hey guys, its been awhile since my last journal. The reason I haven't writing in awhile is because I've been very busy with making all the preparations so I can go to A-kon this year and believe me I had to deal with ALOT of obstacles to get ready. It's now becoming a tradition that every time I'm going to A-kon shit happens that try to prevent me from going, but I always win the war. It's was hard to save up money, previous engagements that would try to prevent me from going, having car troubles that will cost money, computer constantly having problems, but in the end I overcame all the obstacles and A-kon is only 2 days away make it hard to believe that I'm pulling it off. I also was able to make a new AMV for the contest that they have every year and this time I entered the experts category. If your in Dallas, TX this weekend look me up and watch my new AMV, but if your not able too then you can wait after the convention and I'll upload it on my Youtube web page (if it doesn't get banned for copyright infringement). Wish me luck, I'll let you know how it went when I get back.