fooking spiders

5 years ago

It is 3:10 in the morning and I get into the bathroom to take a shower. I notice two daddy long legs in a corner of the room, one of them is a gigantic specimen that could take down a mountain gorilla. Anyways I didn't want to deal with them (not a lot of time) so I just hopped into the shower. Some point I noticed that the blur of the spider (gorddamn blind without glasses) was gone and I was relieved. After washing the shampoo out of my hair I noticed that a crease in the shower curtain was rather dark. I blinked and squinted really hard, only to realize that it was this gigantic fucking daddy long legs now inches away from me and freaking out. At that point I lost my cool, freaked out, yelped, and performed an ungraceful emergency evac from the shower. Once I calmed down I took down it's support spider that was still outside the shower. Then I carefully breached the shower stall, slicing the pie and being pretty operator in general. I spot my foe and use a mass of toilet paper to crush the life from it's massive hulk. With both of them down I search the entire fucking bathroom for reinforcements before finishing up my shower.

I'm sorry for teasing you Jackie smiley3.gif

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  • Nusty


    1 year ago

    I know this is a retardedly late comment to this post, but I am a bretheren (sisteren?) of the I-fucking-hate-spiders-even-ESPECIALLY-daddy-long-legs club and fuck daddy long legs because they are actually one of the most venomous snakes but thanks to our skin being too thick for their fangs, they are harmless to us.

    Also, I had a terrifying shower experience with a daddy too, one nearly landed on my head while I showered. I happened to look up and it was seriously mere inches from my head. Like you, I am basically blind without my glasses and after that little fiasco, I wore my glasses in the shower for like a week.

    Fuck spiders.

    (Also, if you still get on here and check this thing, hi!! I hope you are doing well.)

  • Chi_Mangetsu


    5 years ago

    It's the worst when you're using the restroom late at night and you're not completely conscious and they come fucking at you and they're so crazy fast. It's all D:

  • Bey

    Bey wut is a hallo

    5 years ago

    But those are the least scary spiders ever...

  • NEZeni


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  • SupaChurchFn


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