Im officially a Brevard Community College student! smiley0.gif Im starting in the last part of the summer term (the D term) Classes start June 28th and im super psyched. I want to Dual major in Mechanical engineering and History! I want to either be a Weapons developer or along those lines or be a history teacher or better yet professor. smiley0.gif With all the extra money from financial aide I will be buying a 1974 Yamaha RD-250 2 stroke. In other news work is kinda bleh...My wonderful Hot asian girlfriend Toshy Is getting promoted to assisstant manager which means alot more money for her and us smiley8.gif I do work at the same store as her btw! Its alot better then the one i was at....overnight shifts were horrible smiley4.gif I also have my license back now! after around 900 dollars payed off by my best friend of 13 years James Isaac

Thanks again to Armeav8r for the gift of sponsorship and for being an awesome person