I'm surprised I still remeber how to log on...
A great deal has changed I've grown a lot and I'm finally doing something that I enjoy doing and I should definatley write on this site more.

My friends and I were talking the other day in light of the A-team, and the Karate Kid comming out which other movies from the 80's would be good to remake and as this was also recently posted on MSN we thought we'd take a crack at Back to the Future. Mainly because there suggustions sucked balls.
Matthew Perry and Zach Efferon. Pfft Please Give Me an Effing break...lol
Here is our list for the actors and actresses for the Future Back to the Future remake....

Doc Brown: Jeff Goldblum/Brent Spiner See JP and ID4 for references
Marty McFly: Jesse Esignberg/Kick-Ass from Kick Ass
George McFly: Christopher M-P/Michael Cera
Lorraine McFly:Mila Kuniz
Biff Tannen: Seth Rogen

The Reason there was only one actor/actress from the last two roles is simply this.
Picutre Mila Kuniz 20 yrs from now still hot right....Exactually
Secondly "Say Hi to your mom for me...." From Seth Rogan's mouth is absolutley priceless. Say it you know I'm right....

Now if anyone has any ideas because I would really like to see this movie please tell me whom you would cast in these roles or if you agree with my choice.