Those will be the best memories...
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It's getting late but I don't mind.

With David Guetta's words, I'll write my first journal entry here in how many years?
In fact, listen to it, and I'll write up additional songs that make reading this post much more enjoyable :)

I don't know even where to begin. It's been awesome living in New York for the last 5 years or so. A huge step from suburban Iowa! It's even more awesome being able to graduate America's Favorite High School (yeah we are. look it up, skeptics =]) and graduate with 3 diplomas at once. Sure, Brooklyn Tech has its quirks and 1930s style of running things, but for the most part, I feel like this was an awesome life experience. Previously, I went to another High School, and it was nothing compared to it. Seriously, where can you find another 9 story school with a huge radio tower on top of it and a population of 5000 kids in downtown Brooklyn?

Size isn't everything. (No immature comments, please. It's been over 5 years since i first joined this site, and i grew up a lot lol). By now you probably lost your train of thought, so I'm going to repeat it once again. Size isn't everything. I can imagine that running that size of a public institution on a reduced budget must be an extremely difficult task. Hats off to you, Randy Asher (even if we do complain about you all the time). Also, respect to the few teachers that actually taught, and not just stuff from the textbook. There are those, who's life lessons I'll never forget. There are also those that didn't teach, but were just there. We killed a lot of time in that double period class (6th+7th period, to those who remember). Thank you anyways. It was all part of the package. And like always, SGO cards and gym clothes weren't included.

But I'll get to that later.

I'll start off with 8th grade. [ludacris feat sum41 - get back]
8th started out normal. Going to a jr hs school in the midwest. Still walked to that shit, unlike most people. Then in November, I moved to Brooklyn. One of the farewells, I still remember clearly, and it still makes me laugh. "Don't get shot." Haha, NY has such a bad rep out in the Midwest, it's not even funny. Still, it has cleaner air, and loads of corn fields to get some alone time lol. Nah, living in the suburbs wasn't so bad. But being born and raised a city kid, I found them boring. People were driving to stores less than a quarter mile from their house! what's up with that? but who cares?

I moved to NY. [Alicia Keys J.Z. - New York]

With the move to the big apple, I also immediately took a bite out of big bureaucracy as well. In order for me to go to school, I had to chill at home for a whole month just waiting to get a gas/electric bill. Not that I minded, but not being able to do anything, not even im my friends from my old home, and living amongst unpacked boxes made living in the apartment boring. Thankfully, I quickly found a radio station show that I found very entertaining, and filled me in on what was going on around. The Booker Show was, in a way, a godsend for a person like me, and i often found myself waking up in the living room, because my room didn't catch any radio waves. I think Booker moved to Philadelphia or something, but it's a good thing I caught him while he was still here. Don't get me wrong, he wasn't an idol, he was just a very chill guy. Perhaps that's why I see how much I've transformed over the last couple years from a hothead to an intelligently laid back dude. lol j/k

The New York school system IS pretty outdated and fucked up, as well extremely easy compared to Iowa's. Moreover, It was extremely strange, to say the least, going from a nearly all white school (80% or so), to an all black class, because I was placed into my zoned school. There's a saying in Russian : "Being the white crow". Here this metaphor fits perfectly. The experience was...different. From a gay kid making me his enemy because I started getting all the attention of the class (yeah, because I'm white. No point in denying that!) to walks to the movie theater every other week. Most importantly, it helped a "country kid in high waters" get local. Hell, next year no-one even knew that I was just fresh off the boat car.

Since I didn't have any history with NY state, and I came too late to take the Specialized High School test, I got placed into my zoned high school as well. It was near Coney Island and Brighton Beach and bore a typical American High School name. Kudos to anyone who can guess it! (a mod point? =P)

Definitely to be continued.