Quick half finished review of Bad Company 2 I did, hopefully it will tide you over till I get a journal of my trips up.


My Final thoughts on Bad Company 2.

Ridiculous story. It is on par with Modern Warfare 2, with a little bit of almost Sci Fi thrown in. (New Weapon that does scary things) It falls short in a lot of areas though. I shall expand.
Firstly they seem to have thrown out any character traits from the first game, except for the bad ones, Sarge complaining about this being his last mission. Sweetwater being a little bitch, Haggard being stupidly American. Oh and they expanded Marlowe's (the PC) single trait. His speeches, now though he does them out loud as well as in his head… which would be interesting if they were the same speeches that should have been in his head… instead he is now the guy who gets everyone back in the game with a rousing speech about how good america is. Lets look at the other members of the squad and compare them to the characters from Bad Company 1.

Firstly Sarge.
Why didn't he just retire, he could have easily retired. There was no explanation as to why he didn't retire, at the start of the game he says this is his last mission, then he goes on to… well not retire for the entire game. (and don't get me started at the end of the game)

What happened to him being geeky and smart, oh and you know not a smaller version of haggard??

That brings me to Haggard.
Seriously, what happened to his character, in the first one, he chases after a truck full of gold cause he is hilariously comical… in this one he is all about… well I don't know. being broody and angry at liberals??

The game tries to mimic what the fuck moments throughout the game, but it fails to achieve any consistent flow. Modern Warfare 2 (and by mocking that game they have to be compared to it) kept up the pace, on reflection the storyline is weak flimsy and strung along by the deaths of the PC's, but when playing it I was sucked in, I think I played it start to finish in one sitting. And I felt physically drained by the end of it. I had been on a rollercoaster that had characters who I thought could be real.
Bad Company 1 was about blowing shit up, and the characters were stuck in with that in mind, they blew up shit and they were crazy. There was no way people like this could ever get anything done. And since when was Bad Company providing support for an undercover agent? what happened to the rejects from everywhere else?
They just abandoned all connections to storyline from the previous game… They went from guys with hardly any support to these macho guys who get to give entire regiments orders… They aren't even Bad Company for the most of the game, they are SAD (and this game made me sad!)

On a quick side note Multiplayer rocks!