So, it looks like I could possibly get the new 360 for free or next to nothing.

How is this possible, you ask?
I'll tell you!

Gamestop is currently running a promotion where you trade in your old version and accessories towards the new one.

What I would be looking at is:

Old Xbox + 1 controller - $100
60GB Hard drive - $35
WiFi Adapter - $40 (Originally got it for free!)
Additional Wireless controller - $25
4 Games for $25 apiece - $100
$300 total towards new Xbox

The new Xbox comes with a new controller, built in Wifi, a 250GB Hard drive, and minimum 1yr warranty (My old Xbox is out of warranty)

Decisions, decisions... this is an especially cool offer since money is tight. 'Spose I'll talk to my brother about it.