ok this week has been a serious pain in the ass
basically any mistakes etc i've made in the last month came back at me in the last 3 days
and the job is realy gettin to me as being more of a pain than its worth
motorbike stuff is pretty easy unless they're old bikes.
but the mowers and chainsaws are prickly little bastards to deal with because i have no intrest in them at all. and the fact that i have to remember everything i have ordered in like a whole month (about 200 orders) realy fucks with my head coz i just don't function like that.
also i was told i had the hardest job in the shop by the previous parts person who is now the office girl
basicaly i have to
keep stock topped up, but not to much
serve customers
take orders
find parts, check stock for parts
tidy up
unpack stock, sort out stock from customer orders, call customers and make sure all their ordered parts are there.
book in customers for workshop jobs, serve them when they book them out
put invoices of stock on so bills can be paid
organise parts etc to be sent to customers
send mail

sounds ok but when you have to do the normal stuff while the others are continually affecting how you do the one you're doing at the time its just to much.

not sure i can do this job :(