Now, I've had The Beast (my current computer) since early 2000, and it's startin to creak in places it shouldn't. Very few of it's original parts are left, and the few that are aren't even hooked up to anything anymore (SBLive XGamer, 2 CD-ROMs that don't work). I'mna miss The Beast.


The case i'm gettin is called the Nemisis. If you're looking at their page, it's the one that looks like a Transformer might bust out of it at any moment. Dual Video Cards on an SLI hookup...........that just warms my cockles. Athlon XP 3800 with an ASUS board. Now those of you out there who know me (and thats exactly none of you!) know I eat, sleep, and breath Abit boards, but there just isn't one available from this manufacturer. Not too bad on price either.

I'm so freakin happy, i'mna stop postin this stupid journal to the 3 people out there who watch it and do a little jig.