A new, KWA/KSC/Cybergun Taiwanese imported, IMI (Israeli Military Industries LTD.) certified, serial numbered and trademarked, semi/full automatic Mini, Concealable, Folding Stock, Auto Cycle Closed Bolt Uzi 9mm Sub Machine Gun. It's CO2 powered, is fully metal on the inside, has a very sturdy folding wire stock, and the bolt kicks so hard it makes me wonder how long it will take me to get arrested with this thing.

Oh, and the orange tip... It's not screwed in... It's not glued in... It's just kinda stuck in there, and it comes off with a light pull. It scares me to shoot it. I can't imagine what it's like to be on the other end of this beast.

This Mini UZI SMG, combined with the HFC Ingram Mac 11 full auto SMG, the HFC M190 Special Forces Full auto machine pistol, The KWA/KSC/Cybergun Taurus PT99 AutoFire semi/full auto machine pistol, the KJW Chrome Beretta M9 semi auto pistol, and the WE-Tech (Western Arms) Dragon 1911 Competition Split-Slide low recoil with fiber optic sights.

Do I have a good enough arsenal to take on the enemy. 4 full auto concealable machine guns and 2 semi auto side arms... Plus, I have a second Mac 11 Assault Eagle which is the same as the Mac 11 listed above, but made of spare parts. I rebuilt it so it works now. I can't imagine dual wielding akimbo style two Mac 11s in full auto. I think nobody would survive. I would probably die by the ricochets. 80 rounds, gone by gas, in 2 seconds. Those two SMGs combined release more rounds per minute than the M134D GE Dillon Aero Minigun!

Anyone in the mood for some airsoft?