...and more powerful than you could possibly imagine!

So, almost a month ago my computer's HDD died. Now, my computer has served my faithfully for almost 9 years, and I was sure that I just needed to reinstall Windows and that would fix it. However, I've got a great summer job which equals a bit more spending cash, so I thought, it's time for a new one.

Last time, I made the mistake of buy a pre-built computer, and got a sub-par (IMHO) machine (P4, no hyper-threading, 2 ram slots, no AGP slot, etc.), so this time I figured I'd build my own. And let me tell you, it's WAY cheaper than buying one from the store. Here's a run down of what I got for $1100 + tax:

Intel Core i7 Quad Core 875K (Unlocked) - 2.93 GHz HT, 8MB Cache
ASUS P7P55D Pro Motherboard, DDR3, Dual Channel Max 16GB, 3xPCI-X, 2xPCI, SLI/Crossfire
4GB (2x2GB) Kingston HyperX DDR3-1600 CL8 Memory
Coolermaster Sileo 500 ATX Tower Case w/500w PSU
WD Caviar Green 1TB 3.5" SATA HDD w/64MB Cache
2x ASUS 24x SATA DVD Writer
Nmedia Card Reader w/ eSATA, Firewire
EVGA Geforce 9500GT 550MHz, 512MB DDR2 w/ Dual DVI out + HDTV out (S-Video)
Coolermaster HyperTX Aluminum 3-heatpipe CPU Cooler
MS Windows 7 Professional 64-bit

Note: including case, media bay and MB, I have a total of 12x USB 2.0, 4x eSATA, and 2x Firewire. Internally (on MB), 3x USB, 6x SATA. In addition to the 1TB HDD, I put in my old 500GB and 120GB HDDs from my old comp (as I thought, data's all intact, just wouldn't boot), and a 1TB eSATA docked HDD, for a total of 2.62 TB.

I got all this last Thursday and have spent the last few days setting up and installing like mad, which is why I've been absent.

Part two of my most expensive month ever: My sister came back from Japan in March and wants her Wii back, so I bought a snazzy new Black Wii. About two days after that, my good friend Fungster informed me that he was going to get a 360 Slim and would sell me his old one for $150 with a few games. How could I refuse?

Anyway, my brother told me the other day about a Rogers Video (rental store) near my place that's going out of business, so all used DVDs are 3 for 1, and all new items are 50% off. So I stupidly ventured over there and picked up a few DVDs:

Up in the Air
The Informant
Sherlock Holmes
F4: Rise of the Silver Surfer
Robot Chicken Star Wars 2
DC Superhero Adventures (Filmation)
Next Avengers
Stargate: Continuum
Watchmen: Director's Cut ($3.99!!!)
Street Fighter: Legend of Chun Li (Don't laugh. It was free and Kristen Kreuk's hot)
The Spirit
In the Loop
Burn After Reading
Inglourious Basterds
Planet Hulk
Fight Club
Hellboy 2: The Golden Army
Ferris Bueller's Day Off
Garden State

And then, if that wasn't enough, I was just about to leave when I spotted the video game wall. All the good Wii stuff was gone, but I managed to get Elite Beat Agents and Guitar Hero On Tour: Decades for the DS, and the following for my "new" 360:

Dragon Age + Expansion
Halo Wars
Iron Man 2
Incredible Hulk

All for 50% off.

*sigh* Good thing my summer job pays well (better than Erok?) I'll have it payed off in a month.

How are all of you?