In eleven days I will be on a plane for the first time in eight years. Heading to Los Angeles! I can not tell you how excited I am for this vacation.

From July 31st-August 5th I will be in Los Angeles, California.

July 31st- Traveling day
August 1st- Visiting Long Beach, Queen Mary, anything else we can cram in.
August 2nd- DREAMWORKS TOUR! And a few days ago I found out from my father that I get to have an interview with an animator! kdjgojij SO EXCITED!
August 3rd- PARAMOUNT TOUR!!!! This tour came at a total surprise! I figured I would only be able to tour the Dreamworks lot only, but no! Also, I am going to be having lunch with a few special people who used to work with my mom. She called them her kids- people who have worked under her since they were younger than myself. I am really excited for this luncheon because of the list of people I saw attending. I recognize all their names from over the years my mother worked at Dreamworks.
August 4th- Not sure what is going on for this day. There is talk that I may get to visit Disney, but we shall see.
August 5th- Traveling day! I head to Spokane, Washington!

August 5th-15th I will be visiting one of my very best friends and art buddies, Jaymee. She was the one who introduced me to the thought of attending PNCA for art school and has always been a great friend to me through thick and thin. I may be more excited about the Spokane trip than the L.A., but only by a little. XD; She was none-too-pleased to find out I am visiting Paramount. Jaymee is a HUGE Star Trek nerd.

Been running around, trying to get laundry done, clean up my apartment, shop for new clothes, and I even got my hair chopped off yesterday! XD It's very short, I have bangs, but I love it!

I need to buy a camera. Ffff.