Hey guiz. It's been awhile since I've been truly active here. :) So I figured I would keep the ball rolling and post a journal.

In March I finally moved (with the help of Phoenixlord and Cutlasslord) to Missouri! :D I still don't have any internet of my own just yet (or a job :/ ) but PL and I are working on both of those things. Since this is a college town and school starts up in a month, people are finally starting to open their doors to people looking for work. Does anyone else here think I might make a good waitress? XD

Other than that, I've managed to get back into some of my old hobbies. Like reading, and crochet (different than knitting XD). I also look forward to being able to dig back into my newer hobby, airsofting, with the return of cooler weather (Yay girls and guns!). I've also been enjoying having my own apartment very far away from the parents, other than the additional chores I didn't have to do before (mom = cleaning lady).

On a final note, things should be getting more interesting soon. When I get my own internet I will be making the effort to come on here more often to update you all about boring stuff, and hopefully to get back on Xbox too (They all probably forgot who I am by now XD). In the meantime, everyone enjoy your gaming and have fun.

And wish me luck in finding a job. :)