I have talked to friends and single serving friends about the acquisition of happiness. Some people talk of making plans, to formulate an Ocean's Eleven style heist to steal happiness perhaps? Seems silly that you can gain happiness though a plan, there are certain philosophies that tell of the way to gain happiness is to free yourself from desire. I can assume that that would mean you must consciously stop wanting that which doesn't matter. It is very hard to discern what matters and what doesn't, especially now in an age of technology that can bring you any form of entertainment you wish, any philosophical musings from across the seas can be given to you in seconds. What cult can I join that can make me happy? Thousands of promises of happiness and riches are showcased to me each day. What thing can I devote my musings to that would make me happy?

In the psychotherapy approach, I hear and read that the feelings of hopelessness and meaninglessness is a sign of neurosis. The opposite may be true perhaps, a life with purpose could bring about happiness. But again, I must ask like relentless toddler, "Why?". I look at the history books and I hear the same stories over and over again. No matter how impressive or amazing a thing may be, it must fall. In the American history texts I remember reading of the freeing of the slaves, but even with that seemingly gigantic victory for equality; I feel we are jipped.

Every time I log onto a news site, I hear about sex slaves in eastern Europe and Asia, I read about the African slave trade still in full swing, and finally I hear that the United States government acknowledges illegal slavery within the united states. No matter what civil liberties we gain, we can lose them easier. I remember listening to sermons in church about god has a divine purpose for us, when I asked what that purpose is I always got a vague answer that didn't satiate my thirst for answers. The only thing that we succeed in doing as a race is to keep reproducing. Is that our purpose? Just to create a new generation to fulfill the same mistakes as the last?

Is the expectation of happiness truly making us unhappy? Is it a wandering vortex of searching vainly for perfection just to die disappointed. Is the thing that makes us unhappy of our own making? We have trapped ourself in an endless string of desires and that is a curse that the next thousand generations will have... until we as a race die disappointed, still searching for the perfection we were promised by our deities and gods.