My summer job just finished up last friday. Every summer I work for a summer program at ASU called CampGame. We teach high school students how to develop video games. In previous years we did this by teaching the students how to make mods for the Unreal Tournament series, but this year we used the Unreal Development Kit. This was an awesome change and means that for the first time the game that the students created can be released without anyone needing to own a copy of an Unreal Tournament game. If you feel like wasting some time playing a ridiculously hard game you can find it here. (If the download isn't there yet, please be patient. I'm uploading it while typing this and it should be up shortly).

Anyways! The game was made by a group of 8 high school students in a month. They did an awesome job and everything you see in the game (except for the loading screens) was made by them. Let me know if you have any questions, or need any help!