Well I don't really begin here, I've been here for 8 months now. Or perhaps I might, maybe this journal is my origin tale. Maybe you should forget all my previous journal entries and this one will be a retelling.

Well that would be cool and all but frankly it sounds like a lot of work and I'ld rather just talk about Batman. I'll keep this spoiler free.

Batman Begins is a really good movie. It's not the best movie ever, but certainly one of the best comic-to-film movies. They took the series in the right perfect direction, my only problems where some pacing issues at the start of the film.

They've made some changes to the comics, but they havn't butchered anything. The previous films we're plagued by setting up and killing villains too quickly. Thankfully this movie is all about setting up Batman, all the villians are already in the city...we don't need their origins....just their character and depth.

The batsuit looks great, and is much more practical then any of the previous suits. The batmobile is quite contraversal in design, but is without a doubt much more realistic and practical.

Two things I quite liked we're the use of fear, and the set up for future movies. Many of the scenes in this movie played out like a horror movie, only the big scary monster was batman, it was fantastic. The ending, and no I won't say what it is, gives us a bit of a tease as to whats in store for the future. It doesn't leave us on a cliffhanger, which I'm very thankful for, but gives us just want we need to demand the sequal be made.

I've kept this spoiler free, but I can't gurantee the same for the comments. But if you are posting spoilers please mark them, not every may have seen the movie yet.