It all started a couple of weeks ago.
I was talking with my mom on the phone, and we got on the subject of our property tax returns. Apparently, hers had arrived in the mail, so mine should be coming soon too. Seeing as I don't have a job, it's needless to say I was excited.

Patiently, I waited, checking my bank account all the while. Along the way, the excitement grew.
"I wonder how much I'm going to get?"
"Maybe I can go shopping."
"I'll buy clothes. Shoes, and make-up! :3"
"Now I can finally get a hair-cut. I'll go get a pedicure too!"

Finally, one glorious morning when I checked my account, voila! The money was there, three hundred beautiful dollars. I had left my bank account in MN open just for this reason. At this point I had all these ideas about things I was going to buy, and do. smile.png

After convincing the boyfriend, he took me to Independence center. I still had my MN check card, but wasn't sure if I could remember the PIN. I decided to stop at the ATM to see if I could, only to discover that my check card was not in my purse. I had taken it out and looked at it just the previous morning, and now it had vanished. I was crushed, I had been waiting all this time just to go shopping. I'd looked forward to this moment with every fiber of my being. I had been afraid something would bad would happen, as it's my nature with good things, but not this!

Fortunately, boyfriend saved the day. He still took me to the mall and was patient while I looked around, and even bought me a couple of things since I couldn't buy anything myself. I resolved that it wasn't the end. That when we came back to Warrensburg, even though my shopping spree had been ruined, I could still do the other things I'd been looking forward to. Getting a hair cut, getting my nails done. I was looking forward to things almost more than shopping.

Finally, the day arrived. I got up out of bed early, cleaned up and wrote my check to myself, and boyfriend and I set out to the bank. I was burning with anxiety, ready to go to lunch and hit a couple of local stores before boyfriend went to work. We got to the bank at noon and approached the door, only to find it locked.

A dozen thoughts went through my head, before I came to the correct conclusion.
"Why is the door locked, it's only noon! We're not too late, we're not too early.."
"Oh crap, it's Sunday."

I sorta actually felt like crying. I had gotten stiffed yet another time, but boyfriend said that tomorrow is always another day. So we went to lunch, and it wasn't hard to tell that I was bummed. My whole day was ruined, boyfriend couldn't be here to fix this one... Or could he?

While at lunch, he gave me thirty dollars so that I could still go get my hair cut or my nails done, whichever I chose. I promised to pay him back when I deposited the check, and this exponentially lifted my spirits. I ate with gusto, and went back to daydreaming and arguing with myself about whether I should get a haircut or a pedicure.

Finally, boyfriend left for work. I pulled my shoes on, and set out. There is a local hair salon just downstairs from my apartment (I'm in a business loft), so I strolled over. They were closed, but I'd expected this by now (Its Sunday). I decided that I guess today I was just getting my nails done instead.

It's 96 degrees outside at this time, and HUMID. I start my trek to the LA Nails which is really quite close by, but by the time I was halfway there I was cooking. Whenever it's this hot in Missouri my allergies to something in the air also go crazy, and it makes me feel like I bathed my legs in poison ivy. I was so ready to get in to the air conditioning and to enjoy the cool air, sit still for a bit and let the miserable itching subside, but as I approached, it wasn't hard for me to tell something wasn't right.

I couldn't see any cars parked outside, or signs lit up in the window. A little pit opened up in my stomach, I approached with a little more speed. When I got to the door, they too were closed.

No business on Sunday. BITCHSLAP, yet another fuck you from the wonderful day that is Sunday. I slowly returned home, the itching and heat-related discomfort only growing worse with every step. When I finally arrived home, I stripped and sprawled on the floor under the fan, trying to cool down.

The only other plan I'd had for today was to go find a book at the Library, so I wouldn't be so bored when visiting Blue Springs. I quickly remembered that it was yet another pointless endeavor, because it's Sunday.

My whole day was ruined, because it was Sunday. Sabbath my ass, fuck you. sad.png