So I'm sitting here in Los Angeles International Airport, just waiting for my flight home. I've got an hour before my flight starts boarding, and an hour and a half before it's due to leave. Today I've flown from Portland in Maine all the way to LA, with a stop in Chicago. A whole 6 hours in the air. And another 14 from LA to Sydney.

Fun fun fun

And as for the title of this journal. I've done my supporting the US economy.

Comic Con was excellent. Both Dash and I had a fantastic time. Much stuff was bought and many bags were stuffed to the brim.

Afterwards, I went off to Vegas and then up to visit a friend in Maine. Dash returned home.

A successful trip all up. Lots of fun was had. And now I'm sitting on the floor just killing the time.

I'm not sure if I'll come back next year. I want to get my life back on track. Move out, get a car, etc. I've decided that I probably won't go back on my own. If Dash or my friend Todd wants to go, then I'll likely join them. SUpport this economy a little more.

And now, the 10th Doctor appears in Pokemon